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Modern Carpet Cleaning Methods

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There isn’t just one rule for all; these are the different types of carpet cleaning methods you need to implement if you want outstanding results.

•    Dry carpet cleaning

Dry cleaning using heat and chemicals means quick results and a faster drying time. It’s an ideal method for stubborn stains.

•    Steam carpet cleaning

One of the most common methods and effective treatments for your carpet. It uses high pressure steam to eliminate those pesky microbes.

•    Carpet shampooing

A simple solution of soapy water can work wonders, giving your carpet a really deep clean and extending the life of your furnishings.

Top 3 carpet stains

•    Pet

Blot, then sprinkle the area with baking soda. Add a water and vinegar solution and the area will foam up and work its magic.

•    Coffee

This can be a nightmare to remove if don’t know how, but simple if you’ve got dish soap and white vinegar handy.

•    Ink

Moisten with rubbing alcohol – but don’t rub! – then blot with a towel and the ink stain will begin to transfer.

Benefits of eco-friendly carpet cleaning

•    Cost-effective

It’s cheap as chips in comparison to other methods that use fancy cleaning techniques and products ladened with chemicals compounds.

•    Health of your carpet

Green cleaning methods are solutions for all types of carpets and are more likely to keep them stronger for longer, keep the carpet fibres intact.

•    Your health

Your carpet’s health is one thing, but yours is another. Green carpet cleaning won’t pose any danger to your health, because there aren’t any dangerous chemicals to be inhaled.

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