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Handy Cleaners Provide Special Offers You Wouldn’t Want to Miss!

Hire Handy Cleaners if you want to have a reliable, cleaning agency by your side that really cares about the community, you should just give our customer services team a call on 020 3743 0505! Our firm is guaranteed to provide you with outstanding results and will always offer you the best deal in London.

Top Quality Cleaning Services at Affordable Price by Handy Cleaners

Handy Cleaners is an established provider of cleaning services that has an outstanding reputation in London. Known for getting incredible results each and every time, we are the go-to cleaning company for all sorts of everyday tasks and specialist help. Our professional cleaners have been expertly trained and can eliminate any unwanted dust, dirt or stains in an instant. So if you want to overhaul your house and get results overnight, call us on 020 3743 0505! Get your free quote now! We offer an exceptional range of one-off and regular services that can be hired at unbelievably good rates!

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We also an offer an


range of specialist services which can support you with all aspects of your house cleaning. So if your windows are filthy or if your gutters are overflowing, all you need to do is take a look at some of our incredible specialist's offers.

  • Handy Cleaners can offer tailored services for your carpets, removing build-ups of dust and dirt!
  • Is your home same snow-white clean? If not - book our services now! Book now
  • Wave goodbye to mould, with our specialist bathroom cleaning services!
  • Our team is even trained to deep clean your kitchen appliances, leaving burnt-on food a thing in the past!
  • Our state of the art cleaning products are effective on all sorts of delicate upholstery and difficult to remove stains.
  • Intensive packages can help you to get your house in order!

Keep On Top Of Those Everyday Jobs!

Our everyday house cleaning services can include all sorts of domestic jobs, including vacuuming, dusting, washing-up and sweeping. So if you’re struggling to keep on top of your household jobs, or if there are things which you just can’t bear to do, give us a call on 020 3743 0505 to book your service in now!

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provider of everyday cleaning services in the local area and can have someone with you ASAP.


same-day service is even on hand for emergencies and is great for post-party clean-ups or unsightly stains.


professional cleaners will always get on with their work with no questions asked!

Our Eco-Friendly Principles

  • 1 We know how important it is to look after the local community and that is why we aim to be the Greenest

  • 2 With a comprehensive set of eco-friendly principles, we can Guarantee you a green experience

  • 3
    NON-HAZARDOUS CLEANING PRODUCTS as a standard and always ensure that we are working in an effective and efficient manner.

For more information, contact Handy Cleaners today. Our customer service team is proud of our eco-friendly

We have earned the trust and respect of


of customers!


Our Testimonials
D. Sutcliffe 20Sep 2021
Their house cleaners were very professional with the way they went about ticking the tasks of their to-do list. They carried out all jobs quickly, efficiently and thoroughly. It's no exaggeration to say that I'd never seen my house in a better state.
Zoe R. 19Sep 2021
They were responsive to my domestic cleaning enquiry and went about carrying out the job the very next day. I was extremely happy with the outcome.
Robert S. 07Sep 2021
They're top-rated house cleaners for a reason. I soon discovered why. I experienced a top service at the hands of their expert team. They were thorough in their approach and didn't cut corners. The end result was one I was very happy with.
Dan F. 06Sep 2021
Their cleaners worked tirelessly throughout the two hours they were at my property. They left my house in absolutely stunning condition.
Bianca H. 17Aug 2021
It was an excellent home cleaning service. The team were prompt and professional and followed the instructions detailed to them beforehand.
R. McNally 16Aug 2021
They're extremely personable and professional cleaners. It's always a pleasure having them work on my property. I just know that I'm going to love the outcome.
D. Woodward 31Jul 2021
It's no exaggeration to say that I'd have been at a loss as to what to do if I wasn't able to call upon their cleaning services. Their brilliant team really helped me out in my time of need and was massively impressed in the process.
I. Bruce 25Jul 2021
The work their office cleaning team completed for us really impressed everyone, so much so, we immediately decided to get them in for repeat business. Their services are cost-effective for our needs, and they're an extremely professional firm.
R. Miller 23Jul 2021
I always get their cleaners to deep clean my kitchen. There are many people in my house, so the kitchen can get rather filthy. They never bat an eyelid. They always leave my kitchen, my oven, gleaming clean.
Tina F. 19Jul 2021
I reached out to this cleaning company as I was told they'd be accepting urgent jobs. They were able to accommodate my request and carried out the splendid service the very next day.
Justin D. 18Jul 2021
It was a fantastic job completed by their crack team of cleaners. Everything, the standard of the clean, the price of the service, was to my liking. I greatly appreciated what they were able to achieve.
D. Griffiths 09Jul 2021
Getting them to carry out the massive amount of domestic cleaning I needed doing was a massive help. Being able to hire them when I'm in need means I can dispel such chores to the back of my mind.
Annie H. 01Jul 2021
I gave their house cleaners the rather sizable and unenviable task of cleaning my home from top to bottom, making it look spotless. They did a fabulous job, didn't disappoint in the slightest.
Olivia M. 29Jun 2021
Their house cleaners did a top job for me. My house was in a pretty filthy state. The dire state it was in didn't pose their professionals any issues. They cleaned absolutely everything to a high standard, didn't leave any mess at all.
Peter H. 26Jun 2021
I want to thank their domestic cleaning team for the top job they did for me. The team that showed up were thorough in their approach. They were done and dusted with all of the tasks at hand before I knew it.
Russell H. 24Jun 2021
I always neglect to carry out house cleaning every week. I let the jobs pile up. When it becomes too much, I get their professionals in on the job. I feel guilty about leaving the work, but not about hiring this company. They're cheap to hire and always do a top job for me.
C. Galloway 22Jun 2021
It was a great service from this team. Their house cleaners proved to be very professional at their work. Hiring them again is a no brainer for me.
S. Overton 09Jun 2021
The end of tenancy cleaning job I hired them for was completed thoroughly, and importantly, to my landlord's liking. He handed my deposit back to me without hesitation.
V. Rippon 04Jun 2021
I've used their cleaners several times, for several jobs. They always impress, never disappoint.
R. McGregor 01Jun 2021
The carpet cleaning service really worked! I was expecting something to be done, of course, but not really great results, because my carpet wasn't in great shape. Amazingly, they were able to rectify matters for me.
Joe H. 30May 2021
The rug cleaning service I hired them for worked a treat. They got my shabby rug shipshape, looking beautiful again. I can't rate this company highly enough.
Tina E. 21May 2021
I got their house cleaners on board and couldn't have been happier with the service provided. They cleaned my house from top to bottom in spectacular fashion, making every room, every surface sparkle.
Tim E. 19May 2021
I hired end of tenancy cleaners to come and deep clean my rented property just a couple of days before I was due to hand back the keys. It was the last thing I had to do. I desperately wanted my deposit back. Their brilliant team made that happen.
Steven F. 12May 2021
My business used their office cleaning services for the first time a while back. We were so impressed with the standard of their work, so we immediately sorted out a schedule for weekly cleans. They've been impressing us every week.
E. Becker 09May 2021
It was a great job done by their house cleaners. They thoroughly impressed. I look forward to when my house is in a state again so that I have an excuse to hire them!
P. Carlin 06May 2021
The end of tenancy cleaning service I hired them for went by perfectly. It was just what my grubby, rented property needed before I vacated it. Paying the little bit I did for the service ensured I got my deposit back. It was well worth getting into their professional firm.
E. Williams 01May 2021
I got my house cleaning done for a great price, and I couldn't have been happier with the service provided. The team that worked on my job were just an exceptional team.
I. Pope 30Apr 2021
I don't normally leave reviews, but felt the need to after the brilliant job this cleaning company did for me. They listened to instructions and did a sterling job, all for a great price. Kudos to their top team of professionals.
T. Gale 27Apr 2021
They completed their domestic cleaning duties to an incredibly high standard. I was very happy with everything that transpired between myself and this company. I look forward to using their services again.
S. Livingstone 17Apr 2021
Hiring their cleaning services gets results. They've impressed massively the three times I've hired them.
Carissa E. 16Apr 2021
I want to thank their house cleaners for the fantastic job they did for me. Nothing was left to chance. They scrubbed and scrubbed until absolutely everything asked of them had been taken care of.
Hamish E. 07Apr 2021
I got a clean carpet that had been thoroughly sanitised and cleaned deep within the fibres. The outcome was that I was left with a tremendously beautiful carpet. It was more than I could've hoped for.
Stephen D. 04Apr 2021
Their domestic cleaners were trustworthy and professional. They arrived on time and didn't dilly dally. I loved their approach to cleaning my property and the end result.
D. Hendricks 27Mar 2021
I look forward to hiring their house cleaners. I just know that my property is going to be left spotless when they're done.
D. Lucas 18Mar 2021
I told them to pay special attention to my oven, and kitchen area in general, during the domestic cleaning service. They made my kitchen spotless. They eliminated every little bit of grease. My oven looks like it's brand new.
Belinda E. 08Mar 2021
Upholstery cleaning was proving to be more difficult than expected. I gave it a good go, but nothing I tried was working. I hired them for the job, and they were able to sort everything out. I should've called upon their expertise sooner. It would've saved me a great deal of time and hassle.
Lily G. 08Mar 2021
I needed my oven cleaning done. It was pretty grubby as I hadn't cleaned it for quite some time. It needed to be done thoroughly and professionally. This company was the right company for the job. When they were done, my oven was gleaming. I could eat off it!
L. Newland 03Mar 2021
The house cleaners from this company always do brilliant work for me. They never fail to impress. I've hired them a few times now for various different jobs. Based on my experiences with them, they're the best in the business as far as I'm concerned.
Sadie H. 19Feb 2021
I'd hired cleaners from other companies in the past and had issues with trust. So, I instinctively questioned the trustworthiness of this firm. But I gave them a try. I'm so glad I did because they ended up doing a brilliant job for me. I felt at ease having them work in my property too.
Josh U. 18Feb 2021
Their cleaners arrived promptly and were eager to get to work. They were polite and worked quickly and tidily. I couldn't have asked for anything more from their brilliant team.
Sienna M. 18Feb 2021
I needed their cleaners to deep clean my flat. They did so brilliantly. They paid special attention to the problem areas I'd mentioned beforehand and did an incredibly thorough job.
F. Graves 13Feb 2021
I set this company what I thought was a pretty tough task. Their house cleaners were up to the task, completed the mucky and arduous job quickly, professionally and without issue.
D. Anderson 07Feb 2021
After the few times I've used them, I have nothing but positive things to say about this cleaning company. Every time I've hired them, they've done some amazing work for me.
E. Bellamy 29Jan 2021
Their friendly and reliable cleaners completed a very professional job for me. They really went the extra mile, completed everything asked of them and more. They checked with me when they were done that I was happy, and I most certainly was.
P. Bloom 09Jan 2021
I got some home cleaning help from this company when it was so desperately required. I can't thank them enough for all the work they did for me.
Melina E. 03Jan 2021
The specialist rug cleaning service provided great results. My rug looks like it did when I first bought it.
Charlie E. 30Dec 2020
I was after some general home cleaning help. This company provided the perfect service. I was absolutely thrilled with everything that transpired between myself and this highly professional firm.
K. Greening 09Dec 2020
My carpet looks as good as new. In fact, I'd go as far as to say it looks even better than it did when I first bought it all those years ago! It was a great service. Hiring them for carpet cleaning is worth it if your carpet's in a bit of a state.
Ben S. 08Dec 2020
It was an absolute pleasure getting such a professional outfit on board for office cleaning purposes. We were mightily impressed. Getting them back for weekly cleans was a no brainer.
E. Ferdinand 30Nov 2020
Their approach to the house cleaning jobs I put on their plate paid off. They'd completed their massive workload in quick time but did an extremely thorough and professional job.
Jesse U 17Nov 2020
This cleaning company, in particular the team I had the pleasure of meeting, were an absolute pleasure to deal with. They were polite, professional to a fault and extremely efficient. What's more, they couldn't have done a better job for me.
William S. 15Nov 2020
The office cleaning was handled superbly by their very professional team. They left my offices spick and span before our important meeting.
F. Bren 09Nov 2020
I can't thank this cleaning company enough for everything they did for me. They really were a tremendous help. I was amazed that I was able to hire such a great service for such an amazing price.
Craig S. 02Nov 2020
I really can't recommend their crack team of professional cleaners highly enough. I had the pleasure of being treated to a top service at the hands of their professional team. They were mightily impressive.
T. Mack 18Oct 2020
I want to commend their house cleaners on the top job they did for me. They worked tirelessly, thoroughly deep cleaning my property, from start to finish, throughout the two hours they were working.
E. Ennis 05Oct 2020
Their cleaners didn't dilly dally. They got on the job as soon as they arrived. They had it completed thoroughly in no time at all.
Zoe H. 01Oct 2020
They left my carpet in a fine state. I didn't think it'd be possible to get my carpet looking so beautiful. I'd certainly hire this company again.
Yasmin E. 18Sep 2020
The carpet cleaning Handy Cleaners left me with at the end of the service was exceptionally clean. Every fibre had been cleaned and sanitised. I want to thank this brilliant company.
Johanna E. 17Sep 2020
Their house cleaners worked to an exceptionally high standard, and in doing so, thoroughly impressed me. Based on this, I'd recommend this company to anyone without hesitation.
S. Plint 09Sep 2020
I used to worry about getting my house cleaning work sorted. I just didn't have the time or energy to clean after a busy week at work. Hiring their services presents a great option. They're cheap to hire and always carry out top work.
Larry S. 16Aug 2020
I didn't have the foggiest idea of how to go about upholstery cleaning. All I knew was that something needed to be done. In the end, I called upon this company to do something about it. They worked their magic, and rectified matters didn't disappoint.
O. Marshall 15Aug 2020
My home cleaning woes are a thing of the past since I came across this company and discovered what they're all about. This company consists of a brilliant team of professionals. It's well worth hiring them.
F. Flint 09Aug 2020
Handy Cleaners restored the state of my carpet back to its pre-bought state. The work their carpet cleaning professionals did for me was just fantastic.
Kyle B. 09Aug 2020
As professional domestic cleaning services go, the one provided to me by Handy Cleaners was pretty much perfect. It was just the service I was after.
R. Sykes 03Aug 2020
Handy Cleaners has the team we call upon to carry out office cleaning for us. Their prices are fair, and the work their team does is always to a high standard. I want to thank them for being so professional and reliable.
E. Sykes 01Aug 2020
Initially, I looked into hiring Handy Cleaners because I required a bit of help with house cleaning. Now they're my go-to company. They made such an impression on me. I regularly hire them for such jobs.
Lance H. 30Jul 2020
This cleaning company consists of a great team of professionals. They certainly have a professional workforce. Every time I've hired one of their services, the people they send over always impress.
D. Elliot 19Jul 2020
Their house cleaning professionals made a great impression when coming to clean my house. Based on what they did for me, my experience with them as a whole, I'll no doubt be hiring Handy Cleaners again.
Carol H. 09Jul 2020
I was able to get their rug cleaning specialists for a great price. Handy Cleaners and their experts did a sterling job for me. Based on this service, I'd recommend hiring them without hesitation.
Jeff U. 08Jul 2020
Handy Cleaners met my home cleaning needs and did so superbly. Every inch of my home was scrubbed clean. They cleaned until every surface was gleaming clean.
C. Henry 06Jul 2020
Handy Cleaners, as a professional cleaning company, always do exceptional work for me. They never fail to impress with the standard of their services. I'd definitely recommend hiring them to anyone I know who's in need.
Iona R. 14Jun 2020
It's well worth hiring Handy Cleaners for rug cleaning if in need. My carpet was in a really bad state. I didn't think it was salvageable. But this company showed what they're about.
S. Bale 10Jun 2020
It was the first time I'd had the pleasure of hiring Handy Cleaners and utilising their cleaning services. They impressed massively with the way they went about things, and the outcome, which was a stunningly clean property.
Kaley S. 05May 2020
I was finding upholstery cleaning pretty tricky to deal with. Handy Cleaners rescued the situation for me. They provided a top service, and in doing so, rejuvenated the state of my furniture.
Jimmy S. 04May 2020
The cleaning team sent over did wonders giving my property the thorough deep clean I so desperately needed. They sorted out a month of cleanliness issues in a couple of hours they were there.
O. Swiss 27Apr 2020
The domestic cleaning team entered my house raring to go and show what they're all about. I soon understood what Handy Cleaners are all about. I want to thank their exceptional team. I'm so glad I hired them.
Zara H. 20Apr 2020
I've made use of their cleaning services a few times now. The teams they send over always impress. They're yet to disappoint. I doubt they ever will, as it's just not like their hard-working, professional team.
R. Maxwell 18Apr 2020
I desperately required an end of tenancy cleaning service. I was moving out pretty quickly and wanted to get the property shipshape so that my landlord would see it fit to give me my deposit back. The service was brilliant, resulted in just that.
Mark Y. 18Apr 2020
The home cleaning job Handy Cleaners carried out for me was thorough and was completed to an incredibly professional standard. Everything about my dealings with this professional firm was spot on.
O. Redgrave 17Apr 2020
My carpet looked grubby and just smelled a little funky. Handy Cleaners soon sorted the situation out. When their carpet cleaning team were done, I thought they'd just swapped the old carpet out for a new one! It was that clean!
K. Jones 12Apr 2020
I'm a frequent user of their cleaning services. Handy Cleaners never fail to impress. Whenever they send people out to my jobs, they always do brilliantly, complete the job superbly. It's well worth hiring them.
F. Damon 04Apr 2020
As professional cleaning services go, I'd hire the ones offered by Handy Cleaners again in a heartbeat. They did such a tremendous job for me, I wouldn't hesitate to utilise their services again.
Ewan M. 31Mar 2020
I was able to get all of my domestic cleaning done for a great price. I couldn't believe it when they gave me the quote before getting to work, and even more so when they stuck to the price at the end of the service, once everything was done and dusted with.
Holly Y. 29Mar 2020
Rug cleaning is a pretty specialist service. I thought hiring the service from Handy Cleaners would cost quite a bit. I was, therefore, pleasantly surprised when given the quote. Not only was it cheap, what they did to my rug really worked.
S. Humphries 17Mar 2020
I'm so glad this cleaning company operates in my local area. Being able to call upon their brilliant team when in need has proven to be extremely beneficial to me.
Nelly H. 15Mar 2020
As cleaning services go, the ones offered by Handy Cleaners are always spot on in terms of what's required. I'm certainly going to continue hiring them whenever I'm in need. They're yet to disappoint with the standard of their work, and I doubt they ever will.
Candice U. 09Mar 2020
I desperately wanted a clean carpet, but I just didn't know how to go about it. In the end, I opted to hire a professional company. I'm so glad I hired Handy Cleaners. What they were able to achieve just blew my mind.
Hannah E. 25Feb 2020
Being able to get a clean carpet for such a low price amazed me. I don't know how their services are so cheap. I'm not complaining though!
Matt R. 21Feb 2020
This cleaning company has helped me out massively over the years. Being able to call upon their professional services, Handy Cleaners has been a godsend.
I. Clancy 13Feb 2020
Handy Cleaners sorted out my domestic cleaning issues speedily and professionally. It was a thorough and mightily impressive job completed by their experts.
E. Plint 08Feb 2020
Handy Cleaners and their carpet cleaning team really helped me out. My carpet wasn't a pretty sight. Their experts waved their magic wands and soon turned the situation around.
Shane H. 04Feb 2020
Handy Cleaners left me with a clean carpet that was beyond my expectations. It was super-clean, didn't have a mark on it by the time they were done. They sorted out the funky smell too.
I. Jackson 15Jan 2020
I hired Handy Cleaners for a spot of home cleaning and couldn't have been happier with what transpired. They listened to instructions and ended up cleaning my house from top to bottom, in spectacular fashion.
Kim S. 08Jan 2020
I recently used this cleaning company for the first time. I'd highly recommend using them.
K. Hartnett 05Jan 2020
Handy Cleaners sent over an exceptional team of carpet cleaners. They worked their magic and had the situation taken care of in quick time. I'll certainly hire them again if and when in need.
Steve D 28Dec 2019
Handy Cleaners sent over a brilliant team of rug cleaning specialists. The team that showed up knew what they were doing. It was amazing watching them tackle the cleanliness issues blighting the appearance of my carpet.
George M. 17Dec 2019
I got their carpet cleaners around to do some pretty urgent work for me. Handy Cleaners turned around the state of my carpet. It was in a pretty bad state, but they were able to rectify the situation, showing why they're the experts.
R. Rita 23Nov 2019
I'd recommend giving their house cleaners a try. Give them a chance, and they'll take that chance to shine and thoroughly impress. They've impressed massively on the two occasions I've hired them.
Jimmy E. 06Nov 2019
Handy Cleaners sent over a crack team of house cleaners who completed the deep cleaning job I set them extremely quickly, efficiently and to a high standard.
Teresa 01Oct 2019
Great experience, I would recommend to friends and family for cleaning services.
Scott M. 27Sep 2019
We hired Handy Cleaners, and they made our home look like it did the day we moved into our home. The most professional cleaning company!
Chris 19Sep 2019
They cleaned so well! Wonderful job at house cleaning!
William T. 16Sep 2019
Handy Cleaners has the best cleaning services' team. After working with several cleaning companies in the last few years, we now know we can rely on them to clean exactly how we like. Highly recommend.
Brittany 11Sep 2019
Handy Cleaners is super easy and affordable. They give amazing cleaning services. We had just moved and needed our place cleaned up before putting it on the market. They came in and got stains out from everywhere. I definitely love them!
Jim V. 05Sep 2019
I had such a great experience with this cleaning company! I had them deep clean the house I just purchased. Amazing job!
Mary 13Aug 2019
They did everything thoroughly from the kitchen cabinets to the bathroom. Highly recommend this cleaning service.
Shanna 28Jun 2019
They made my home move-in ready. Highly recommended cleaning company.
Pia H. 27Jun 2019
I got this company to do my home cleaning, and I couldn't have been more impressed with the outcome of all of the work they carried out.
Jake 10Apr 2019
We will never use another cleaning service. This company is fantastic.
Michelle 27Mar 2019
We asked for the deep cleaning option for our new house. They did a very thorough job!
Allison H. 16Oct 2018
Thorough cleaning service at our apartment. Fantastic cleaning team!
Tina 14Aug 2018
We just had our first visit to this company, and we were impressed! We will follow up with regular bi-weekly cleaning.
Karen L. 14Aug 2018
I needed a home cleaning before our new baby arrived and Handy Cleaners did a terrific job! So pleased with the work they did at my home.
Daniel 02Aug 2018
This was my first time using cleaning services, and they did a fantastic job! Very pleased!
Nancy 29May 2018
We've had the pleasure of using this company's cleaning services for a few months at our home. They made my home look gorgeous!
Jacob B. 17Apr 2018
After they came and cleaned my house it still had a lemon clean scent for days later! We will definitely use this cleaning company again.
R.J. 08Jan 2018
This cleaning company was incredibly thorough and cared for every detail.
Drea 05Sep 2017
We were incredibly happy with the house cleaning of our home.
Emma 07Jul 2017
Handy Cleaners did an extremely thorough house cleaning job on our home in London.
Mitch 02May 2017
I needed a deep cleaning of my apartment. I highly recommend Handy Cleaners!

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