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Patio Cleaning
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from £2.50/sq.m

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Do you wish you had more time to give your patios and driveways the attention they deserve? Are you too often caught up with work and social concerns to get on with those demanding chores around and outside the house?

The Hazards of Inaction

  • Too many homeowners in London think they can just leave the state of their patios and driveways to chance, without realising that bacteria and muck can spread quicker than many of you can imagine.

  • Leaving things too long is a quick and easy way to end up with more expensive results, which is easily avoidable by utilising professional pressure wash cleaning while you can. All of our supplies are the best on the industry’s market, and it’s that that could save you money and a lot of stress.

  • Why exert yourself on patio cleaning that’s really best left to us? Simply get in touch with us, and we’ll do all the hard work! We can be easily reached at any time by calling up 020 3743 0505.

Patio Cleaning from £2.50/sq.m

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Why Come To Us First?

  • We can help you out in no time at all, with the potential for same-day service in those emergency situations!

  • Fully up-to-date jet washing equipment and materials that will make sure that no stone is left unturned throughout our work.

  • Complete and responsible teams of professionals who never drop the ball. They’ll listen to your concerns and needs, making sure that you get the finest service imaginable.

  • Answers that allow you to save both time and money like you wouldn’t believe!

  • The option for both patio and driveway cleaning so that no inch is left dirty!

  • Green initiatives in everything we do. We do our best to keep the planet safe.

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  • Professionals You need to know that the people you’re bringing in to help are at the top of their game. Luckily, we only employ professionals who have a rich background in the industry and the experience to match.

  • Knowledge That way, we can bring all the knowledge we gained over the years right into your front garden, and further on into driveway cleaning if necessary! We spend a lot of time making sure that each of our patio cleaners are unbeatable in their skill and abilities.

  • 5 from 5 rating Our returning customers already know they get strong and reliable service with us, so why not join them today to get away from expensive consequences and enjoy better patios and driveways?

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Our Testimonials
Candi Poplar 04Oct 2019
These are very knowledgeable people here. The cleaners showed up on time, worked fast, and didn't take any unnecessary 'smoking breaks'. For what I paid, the cleaning I got back was really worth the booking.
Hannah 19Sep 2019
I just had my first patio cleaning services today with Handy Cleaners. The team was very professional and detail-oriented. Will use again!
Nikki 16Sep 2019
I cannot express how much I love this company! They are professional and did an excellent patio cleaning job. They really exceeded my expectations.
Kallie 03Sep 2019
We were very pleased with their work, and plan to hire these cleaning services when we move to Central London.
Josie Porter 25Jul 2019
Great patio cleaning company. My yard was in dire need of a good cleaning. They did well, will use them again.
Marge K. 09Apr 2019
Having dealt with several other cleaning agencies in East London, I must say that this one is the best so far. The prices are good, and their staff does a thorough job cleaning. Will use again.
Lola 02Apr 2019
They provided an outstanding patio cleaning service. The cleaning crew was professional and skilful.
Fran Davison 29Nov 2018
Exceptional and on time, dedicated cleaners. The arrival was a spot on. Found Handy Cleaners easy to deal with.
Will C. 11Sep 2018
This cleaning company did a fantastic patio cleaning job and worked hard.
Olivia Newsom 21Aug 2018
Above and beyond! A great patio cleaning company. Booking was easy from start to finish too!

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