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We know all too well that it’s difficult for homeowners in London to stay on top of their rug cleaning at the best of times.

The Importance of Carpet Sanitation

  • Deep within your carpets, muck and grime could be spreading and getting worse at a rate you might not have thought possible. The worst thing about it is how it can stay hidden, and not rear its head until it’s far too late.

  • That’s why professional carpet cleaning is so helpful in saving money, and why customers consistently come to us for assistance. It takes an expert eye to assess the level of risk and danger in your rugs and carpets, and acting now is sure to help you avoid any nasty consequences.

  • Get your rug cleaning done while you still can, and book your appointment with us by calling 020 3743 0505 today!

Rug Cleaning from £13

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What Makes Us the Premier Choice?

  • Whether it’s same-day service in those emergency situations, or fitting as best as we can to your schedule, you can count on us to tie things up for you whenever you need it.

  • Careful to take any steps we can to help protect the environment. We’re a caring cleaning company, and you’ll see that in everything we do!

  • Incredible professionals who really shine the torch for high-quality service. Fully trained and qualified, you can rely on our teams for an unbeatable rug clean.

  • Saving you both time and money with steam cleaning that can really get you out of a jam.

  • Friendly, approachable and always ready to find you solutions that suit your personal requirements!

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  • We take as much care as we can to make sure all of our customers get rug cleaners who know their responsibilities like the back of their hand. The professionals we employ each have a long and detailed background in carpet cleaning. They know all the right approaches, and are equipped with every single supply they need to get the job done.

  • It’s this that sets them apart from the rest, as you can really be sure that the carpet cleaners we send to you are the finest available. They won’t cut corners, and they won’t leave you feeling short-changed.

  • You’ll be able to see straight away why we’re the top choice – no matter what.

Why Delay in the Safety of Your Home?

Our Testimonials
G. Lindstrom 07Oct 2019
Seeing the large stain in the middle of my new rug I figured it was headed for the rubbish pile. My sister recommended the rug cleaning services of Handy Cleaners. They have done excellent for her in the past and were less expensive than most carpet cleaning services in London. They did a terrific job. The stain is completely gone.
Jaime B. 01Oct 2019
Good rug cleaning company. Handy Cleaners did my rugs right, will book them for future visits to our flat in London when necessary.
Frank 19Sep 2019
Handy Cleaners did a fantastic cleaning job. My rugs look as new when they finish cleaning!
Brandy 16Sep 2019
Great customer service and rug cleaning from Handy Cleaners. They are definitely invested in achieving 100% satisfaction from their clients.
Carly Simms 07Aug 2019
Handy Cleaners' rug cleaning team surpassed my wildest dreams, and also saved us a chunk of change. We were bobbing back and forth as to whether or not we need to get new rugs. But, once we saw the exceptional job they did, we realized we didn't need to spend hundreds on new rugs!
Monica Drayton 10Jul 2019
My soon to be teenage daughter threw a sleep-over party, inviting a few classmates. Girls will be girls, and by the time the party was over, my rug needed a good, deep cleaning. A close friend suggested I call Handy Cleaners. I loved how clean they were able to get the rug. I have contracted them to come out twice monthly.
Jeanette N. 09Apr 2019
Best spring cleaning I could ask for! I'm not really into cleaning, so I booked Handy Cleaners to come out and do the cleaning once in a while. Nothing scheduled, you understand, just when I feel I need them. They do an amazing rug cleaning job!
E. Cauldwell 14Nov 2018
In addition to working full time at my accounting firm, I recently started taking classes at the local university. My darling husband hired this cleaning company to do weekly cleanings at our flat. They always do a great job and are a lovely group of people. Also, the rug cleaning service is top-notch, once we booked it and now my rugs look like new.
Francine U. 27Sep 2018
I am quite pleased with the cleaners from Handy Cleaners. I hired them to do a rug cleaning at my flat. They were very friendly and left my home immaculate. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a decent, reliable, and affordable cleaning company.
Valerie Timmons 30May 2017
My brother and I had quite a rave when mum and dad went on their anniversary vacay. We were simply stunned at the amount of garbage left after the party. Also, my mom's favourite rug was devastated. We hired these guys to come and do an after-party cleaning. The cleaners did an absolutely perfect job, and the rug is as new. I just can't believe it; you saved us! The staff was top-notch - fast and efficient. We are now heaving sighs of relief, and promise to never do another party when mum and dad are gone ever again.

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