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Carpet Cleaning
  • Competitive carpet cleaning prices
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Perfect stain removal
  • Highly trained cleaners
  • Enviroment-friendly solutions and detergents used

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Are you fed up of trying to get stains out of your carpets? Then maybe it’s time you called in the professionals!

What Results Can You Expect?

  • If you’ve never used a deep carpet cleaning service then you may not realise how good the results really can be! Our dry and steam carpet cleaning treatments can eliminate odours and stains, as well as rejuvenating tired colours and compressed fabrics.

  • Even long-standing stains or wear can be improved by our intensive treatments that get unbelievable results each and every time.

  • So if you’ve noticed that your carpets aren’t as vibrant or soft as they used to be, don’t think twice about asking us for a quote. All of our treatments offer fast-acting results that are guaranteed to improve the look and feel of your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning from £13

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The Benefits Of A Professional Service

If you think that there is no saving your carpet then think again! We have an outstanding range of specialist carpet cleaning treatments that you won’t want to miss! Our dry carpet cleaning treatments are quick and convenient to use, while our deep carpet cleaning packages can have results beyond your wildest dreams. Carried out by our professional team, all of our services offer outstanding benefits:

  • A friendly customer services team who can give you a free consultation over the phone.

  • A fully-trained team of carpet cleaners who know which treatment is best for your carpets.

  • Flexible services which are available to hire seven days a week.

  • Competitive packages that are guaranteed to get incredible results.

  • Great commercial and household deals that offer excellent value for money.

  • Money back guarantee*.

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How Quickly Can We Come Out?

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020 3743 0505

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  • If you’ve spilled something on your carpet and don’t want to give it time to set, pick up the phone and call us on 020 3743 0505 before it’s too late! We offer an incredible same-day steam carpet cleaning service that is perfect for cleaning up those unwanted stains!

  • If you’re cleaning up after a party and needs some weekend support, then you’ll pleased to hear about our flexible cleaning services! Available seven days a week, morning, noon and evenings, our services are by far the best you’ll find!

  • Remember that if you don’t have much time, our dry carpet cleaning services are perfect for you! With no long drying times, our packages are popular with businesses and homes alike.

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Our Testimonials
Audrey Simmon 04Oct 2019
My old carpet looks almost like new! I say almost because it does have some bald patches here and there, but that's only because it's just so old. But, the stains are gone, it smells fresh and clean! Great carpet cleaning company!
Reba 01Oct 2019
They arrived early to my home. They did a good carpet cleaning job!
Darren C. 11Sep 2019
We have used Handy Cleaners for a while now for carpet cleaning and are so happy with their fast responses and communication.
Amanda J. 17Jun 2019
I would definitely recommend Handy Cleaners to others in the area. The price was just right for carpet cleaning.
George 30May 2019
Fantastic carpet cleaning services team, very pleasant to work with.
Brett M. 13May 2019
Had a deep carpet cleaning done this week, and they did a wonderful job! I would recommend to anyone.
Allie N. 19Apr 2019
This is a fabulous cleaning service in South West London! They did everything that was requested. Will book Handy Cleaners again in future!
Margaret B. 31May 2018
My old carpets looking so nice and fresh now! Just one visit from Handy Cleaners' carpet cleaners and everything ended up so clean!!
Sofia D. 28Aug 2017
All stains were removed from our living room carpet by Handy Cleaners' valiant cleaners. The room is just so comfy now!
Shauna S. 16Jun 2016
Terrific cleaning service. The crew was composed of two lovely ladies who did their utmost to restore my carpet after I spilt wine on it. I will use Handy Cleaners again and recommend to others as well.

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