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Sometimes, getting cleaners in Cambridge CB1 doesn’t come easy. You are constantly questioning the experience of the cleaning company, their professionalism, how experienced the cleaners are. Understandably, you are going to want a cleaning team you can trust. Do your research into local home cleaning companies, and we are sure that ours is a name that will keep cropping up. After all, Handy Cleaners is renowned for being the best in the business. Locals certainly think so, and it won’t be long before you have the same impression. Make the first step and hire our house cleaning specialists today by calling our team on 020 3743 0505.

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Fantastic Rates Offered on All of Our Cleaning Services

You may be under the impression that cleaning services don’t come cheap in Cambridge. Hire a cleaning service and expect to shell out a lot of cash for the privilege. That may be the way some home cleaning companies operate in CB1. But we do things differently. As a professional cleaning company serving the locals, we want people to be able to afford our cleaning services, hence we keep our prices low and reasonable. At Handy Cleaners, our rates for domestic cleaning are amongst the best in the industry. To get a price quote and enquire about hiring a cleaner for your job, call our team and speak to our representatives today on 020 3743 0505.

Cleaners to tackle all of your domestic cleaning needs

  • A lot of people in Cambridge utilise our cleaning team for general house cleaning purposes. Our cleaners can thoroughly clean your property from top to bottom if that is what is required.
  • You can also hire a professional cleaning service in CB1 to take care of specific jobs, perhaps clean up after an event or if you want our cleaners to pay special attention to a few problem areas, we will be able to help.
  • Our team are skilled and are trained to a high standard, so regardless of what comes their way, they will come up trumps, will ensure your property is left in fantastic condition.

The University City and County Town of Cambridge

Cambridge is a town situated in Cambridgeshire and is known for being a university city. It’s home to the world-renowned Cambridge University. The educational establishment has many grand buildings in the area, most of which lie on the River Cam in an idyllic setting. There are many notable museums in the area including the city’s largest, the Fitzwilliam Museum. There is also a thriving theatre and arts and culture scene in Cambridge. In terms of transport, most of the town’s residents cycle. There are also plenty of bus services in addition to Park and Ride schemes.

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Best among Cleaning Companies in Cambridge CB1

Enjoy Your Clean Home Environment

To arrange a professional cleaning service in Cambridge and get your domestic cleaning needs taken care of, you need to make arrangements with our company in CB1. Hire a cleaning service from us, and you will be treated to a top service, an exceptional experience at the hands of our expert cleaners. Our team are by far and away the best in the business, and as an experienced company in the industry, we aim to ensure you enjoy a smooth, hassle-free service. You will enjoy a complete service when you hire our team. Make your booking today by calling 020 3743 0505, and speaking to our friendly, knowledgeable representatives. Detail your job to our team, and you will receive a free, no-obligation price quote.

020 3743 0505

Our Testimonials
Ralph J 24Feb 2021
I've used Handy Cleaners and their cleaning services quite a few times for different jobs in Cambridge CB1. They've been brilliant each time, impress massively. They just get on with the job with minimum fuss and always clean to a high standard.
B. Wesker 29Jan 2021
My domestic cleaner is the best! She does it all - counters, cupboards, dishes, appliances and even the cooker! Not to mention that she shows up to my place in Cambridge CB1 on time!
Candy L. 06Jan 2021
My neighbour positively raved about the cleaning services offered by Handy Cleaners so I decided to give them a try. I had them out to my Cambridge CB1 flat two days ago and it has never been this clean before. I will be using them regularly.
E. Livingstone 25Nov 2020
I hired Handy Cleaners for work in CB1, and I'm thrilled I decided to do so. The result was that I got a beautiful, clean carpet. It had been cleaned and thoroughly sanitised deep within the carpet fibres. It just looked healthy.
P. Reeves 11Nov 2020
I've hired Handy Cleaners and have used their cleaning services time and time again. They always send out the best cleaning staff. I've never been left disappointed with anything they've done. The standard of cleaning has always been mightily impressive. I want to commend this CB1 company on their consistently good work.
Lee Erikson 14Apr 2020
I'm used to doing everything by myself, but I decided recently that I needed to hire a cleaning company after Dad moved in with us. This service's representatives arrived at our home in Cambridge CB1early on a Saturday morning, and did a far better job than I could have ever imagined! Thank you again!
Ezekiel J. Lowe 11Apr 2020
My boss told me to hire a new office cleaning company recently. We've been using this service in CB1 for the last three weeks. My only regret is not hiring them sooner! Fantastic work!
Matthew Phillips 11Apr 2020
I'm usually on the road a lot because of my job, so I don't have much time for house cleaning. I decided to hire Handy Cleaners last week. They came to my home in Cambridge and did a stellar job! Thanks!
Lou Drontle 06Apr 2020
This company does a fantastic job of deep cleaning at my home in Cambridge every year!
Brenda Nierenhausen 31Mar 2020
I don't get around as I used to after hip surgery. That's why I hire this service in CB1 to help with home cleaning. They always do an excellent job!
Rudy Holland 31Mar 2020
We were surprised, Handy Cleaners' price for an end of tenancy cleaning for a studio flat in Cambridge was really quite good. The end result was even better, as we received our deposit!
Martha Evenson 11Mar 2020
I decided to hire Handy Cleaners to assist with upholstery cleaning at my home in Cambridge CB1 following my sister's visit. Her four dogs shed constantly! They were wonderful to work with! My furniture looks better now than when I bought it!
Demi Fraser 02Mar 2020
We were nearing our end of tenancy contract at our flat, so really had to find a good cleaning service in Cambridge, and fast! After all, we wanted our deposit back. After doing some online searches, we found Handy Cleaners. We made a great choice by booking them, as yes, we did get our deposit back!!!
Hazel R. 21Feb 2020
I love the fact that Handy Cleaners' cleaners never interfere when we're at home. They stay on task and never miss a thing! I've referred them to all of my friends in Cambridge CB1!
George Lester 22Jan 2020
My wife wanted some new furniture in our home in Cambridge, so that meant it was time for a little spring cleaning. I decided to use Handy Cleaners' services, and I'm very glad I did! Thank you!

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