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Unbelievable Cleaners Enfield Town EN1

If you have been thinking about hiring cleaners Enfield Town, then we'd like to introduce you to the very best cleaning team anywhere in EN1 or EN2. Our cleaning services are used by hundreds of residents across the area, because they love having fast and easy access to a cleaning company that actually cares about them and what they need. When you choose to work with Handy Cleaners, not only will you get the very best cleaning service in EN1, you will also get the benefit of our years of experience, helping you to keep your house clean, healthy and enjoyable to be in.

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A Highly Trained EN1 Cleaning Team at Your Beck and Call

All of our customers love our home cleaning service in Enfield Town, because they know they are getting the very best domestic cleaning when they hire us. And that's because our cleaning team aren't just random people dragged from the street to do your cleaning, they are highly experienced and fully trained professional Enfield Town cleaners who aren't just great at what they do, but also love doing it. That is how we are able to provide such outstanding service and results to our customers, and it's why our team love working with us. If you'd like to see what it's like to work with the best of the best cleaners in EN1, give us a call on 020 3743 0505 today.

An Eco-friendly Approach to Domestic Cleaning in Enfield Town

  • If you have ever done domestic cleaning in Enfield Town EN1 yourself, then you will probably know just how unpleasant some of the cleaning products you use are. They are chock-full of chemicals that may be incredible for their cleaning power, but are also very harmful to you, your family and the environment.
  • That's why our cleaners have opted to ditch all of those 'traditional' house cleaning products in EN2, and instead use a complete range of eco-friendly cleaning materials.
  • In our experience not only is this better for the environment and your health, it also provides a superior cleaning result too.

Learn about the Historic Area of Enfield Town

Enfield Town, which is situated in the London Borough of Enfield, is the historic centre of the borough. It was formerly part of the Middlesex county, but officially became part of Greater London in 1965. There are a number of interesting landmarks and sports to enjoy which include Enfield Market which has been trading intermittently since 1303, the New River, which crosses through another spot of interest: Enfield Park. There is also a number of churches such as St Andrew's, as well as a great range of shops at Enfield Palace Shopping Centre which is easy to access thanks to the rail station and extensive bus routes.

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Cleaners Enfield Town

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Our mission as a cleaning company in Enfield Town, isn't just to provide the very best cleaning service around; it's also to make sure that anyone and everyone in the area can enjoy the best house cleaning around. That is why we offer such brilliantly low prices for our cleaning service, because having a clean and healthy home shouldn't only be the privilege of the rich and famous. If you've ever wondered whether you can afford to hire cleaners, we're here to assure you that you can with Handy Cleaners. To find out more and to see how cheap professional cleaning in EN1 can be, call us on 020 3743 0505 for a free quote today. It doesn't matter if you are a working professional, a busy mum, or just someone who doesn't much enjoy home cleaning; if you are looking for support with your cleaning in Enfield Town, we are here to help. Our cleaning company is purposely designed to help you however we can in EN2, and with our cleaners on hand, you'll never have to worry about a dirty house again. You can book our cleaning services to fit entirely around you whether that means daily drop ins, one off visits or regular slots. Whatever you choose, our EN1 cleaning services are designed to help you stay ahead of the game. Call 020 3743 0505 to get a free quote on our cleaners!

020 3743 0505

Our Testimonials
Tim T. 11Feb 2021
I will not struggle with a rug cleaning any longer. Now, these guys in Enfield Town take care of it for me at my flat and they do a great job of it.
O. Lewis 14Jan 2021
Their carpet cleaners worked their magic in EN1, and I was left with a beautifully cleaned carpet at the end of it. No complaints. Everything they did impress me.
Randy J. 01Dec 2020
It was rug cleaning at its finest. I don't know how Handy Cleaners did it, but I didn't care. They arrived in EN1 on time, and within an hour, left me with a beautiful clean rug.
Tina M. 18Nov 2020
I'd tried and failed to do domestic cleaning to my wife's satisfaction. With Handy Cleaners operating in the vicinity of EN1, I no longer have to. They're cheap to hire too, so I don't feel guilty about letting another team do all of the hard graft.
Angie L 03Nov 2020
Handy Cleaners has certainly the premier rug cleaning specialists in Enfield Town, in my eyes, perhaps even in the industry as a whole! My beautiful Persian rug was in a really bad state. I'd neglected to give it a thorough clean for many years. Their specialists soon rectified the situation. They cleaned up my rug and did so beautifully. Not only did they clean it, but they sanitized it as well. They left it clean and looking healthy.
Sierra Campbell 04Feb 2020
I am positively thrilled with this cleaning service. I don't think my flat has ever been so clean. Really a terrific Enfield Town cleaning company.
Lance 07Jan 2020
Handy Cleaners is the greatest cleaning company, the best in EN1 surely.
Joseph A. 22Nov 2019
I had worried about who will clean my apartment in time for the party. My colleague luckily mentioned about Handy Cleaners and I called them. They surely showed up at Enfield Town EN1 as they had promised and did a marvellous job.
Nobert 08Nov 2019
I wouldn't fail to recommend this cleaning company to anyone in need of professional cleaners in Enfield Town. They managed to handle my cleaning effectively by cleaning all surfaces and rooms.
Graham P. 24Oct 2019
We got fantastic results from Handy Cleaners' upholstery cleaning service. Will use them again in Enfield Town next season.
Harry A. 11Jul 2019
I called Handy Cleaners for end of tenancy cleaning in Enfield Town. It was bothering me quite a lot. Fortunately, they offered a good price. Sent a team to the flat and they cleaned it meticulously. Very quick, too. Great team.
Bob 29May 2019
I never do my own house cleaning, so Handy Cleaners in Enfield Town EN1 comes over to help, they have my flat looking fantastic.
Kellyanne T. 10May 2019
As usual, this company did a great job on my carpets. Top carpet cleaners in Enfield Town EN1!
Scott Berkman 03May 2019
We needed a cleaning company in Enfield Town ASAP! That's when I found Handy Cleaners they cleaned our entire flat in sufficient time. Thank you so much!
S. Hawkings 09Apr 2019
Thrilled with how good my sofa's looking after I hired Handy Cleaners for upholstery cleaning. There's no way I could have got all those marks out on my own. Next time I'm in need of a cleaning company in Enfield Town, I know who I'll be using!

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